Level: 33

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Esteldin

Start: Arastil

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Your success against the worms of Ram Dúath is a tribute to your courage and skill, but there is a greater threat lingering therein. Our scouts say that they have seen drakes as well. Though the winged drakes are still not as great as their forebears, they are formidable and intelligent.

'If we hope to use the western pass to gain entrance into Angmar beyond, the drakes will need to be driven out or destroyed. I have no doubt that there are drake-nests somewhere within the valley...destroy them before the drakes can multiply.

'I would warn you not to go alone. Drakes may be no more than intelligent beasts, but they are dangerous and will fiercely defend their nests.'

Not only are there worms within the western valley of Ram Dúath, but drakes as well. The winged drakes, more intelligent than their lesser kin, present a greater threat to Esteldín and the North Downs.

1. Drake-nests may be found in the western valley of Ram Dúath, north of Esteldín. Destroy eggs found within the nests to stop the drakes' spread.

Arastil has asked you to destroy the nests of the drakes who dwell within the western valley of Ram Dúath before they can multiply.

2. Arastil awaits your return in Esteldín.

You found several drake-nests in the western Ram Dúath and destroyed them, but worms were plentiful in the area, and the nests were well-defended. Arastil will wish to hear of your victory.


If you're in a group, destroying an egg does not propagate to everyone else. For that reason, if you can manage it, it may be best to really do this one solo.

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