Level: 21

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Ost Guruth

Start: Refr Quicksilver

Bestowal Dialogue:
'I sometimes think I ought never have left the mountains and the home of my ancestors, but I sought after a life of adventure. After too many years looking, I found myself lost and then found again here amongst the Eglain.

'I have been here a long time now and consider myself one of them, but there are remnants of my own heritage that never stray, friend, and those remnants get stirred in times like these.

'I hear rumour of dwarves working with Orcs to despoil the tombs beneath the ruins of Thandobel to the south-west. I wish to know what kind of dwarf would tolerate Orcs, much less deign to work alongside them. Go to Thandobel and bring me one of their banners.'

South-west of Ost Guruth lay a ruin, long abandoned by the Eglain. Picked clean and having only the depths of the ruin unexplored, the Eglain left the tombs beneath the ruin be, as is their custom. However, the ruin now teems with life again as dwarves, in league with Orcs, scour the ruin for treasures in the depths.

The ruins of Thandobel lie to the south-west of Ost Guruth in Nain Enidh.

Refr Quicksilver expressed a desire to learn what kind of dwarves would deign to work alongside Orcs and has asked you to go to the ruins of Thandobel and capture one of their banners.



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