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Ettenmoors or Ettendales: Troll-fells north of Rivendell. The source of the Mitheithal (the Hoarwell) was in the Ettenmoors.
- The Complete Guide to Middle-earth

The Ettenmoors are the first PvMP zone in Lord of the Rings Online and will be available for play at launch. To enter the Ettenmoors you select the bar labeled "Monster Play" from the player start screen. Freeps are required to be level 40. Creeps can be accessed at player level 10.


"North of Rivendell are the troll-fens where Aragorn’s grandfather, Arador, met his end at the hands of the Hill-trolls dwelling in the Coldfells. Long lost to corruption, the Ettenmoors once served as a home to the kingdom of Rhudaur.

In the north, flowing out of the Misty Mountains, is the river Hoarwell. The great river flows toward the south, becoming impassable until the Last Bridge at the border of the Lone-lands and the Trollshaws. It is rumored that Fallohide Hobbits may once have migrated along the shores of the Hoarwell River, perhaps even making themselves a home along its banks as they journeyed west across the Misty Mountains. In the Northwest, a terrible peak rises to cast its great shadow far to the east. This mountain, once home to the goblin king Golfimbul, is known as Mount Gram and at its foot, the fearsome forces of Angmar have laid claim to the land.

Hope is not yet lost in the Gramsfoot. An Elf, Lainedhel, discontent with Elrond’s choice to trust the power of the Elven-ring Vilya to defend Rivendell from the host pressing through the North Downs into the Ettenmoors, has rallied the Free Peoples of Eriador to the Ettenmoors. Their fortress in the southeast stands as a bastion of Light against the ever-growing darkness."



The eastern part of the Ettenmoors, controlled mainly by the Free Peoples.

Steps of Gram[]

The western part of the Ettenmoors, on the foot of Mount Gram, controlled mostly by the forces of Angmar.

Arador's End[]

Named after the defeat of Aragorn's grandfather, the snowy height's of Arador's End lie on the fringe of the Misty Mountains.


In the southern part of the Moors lies Hithlad, home to the Grimwood Forest.


In the center of the Ettenmoors, lies the Hoardale, the valley of the Hoarwell. It surrounds an island on which the embattled fortress of Tol Ascarnen lies.


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