Official SitesEdit


  • Arda Online - Game Database on Google Maps Defunct
  • Allakhazam features LOTRO databases for items, zones, quests.
  • LI Spender - this tool from mmorsel lets you simulate configuring a LOTRO legendary item, including choosing legacies, setting tiers, setting the item's experience level and spending points. This lets you run your own "what if" scenarios for your legendary items, and even provides a URL you can bookmark to get back to your configuration later.
  • - Another great LOTRO wiki.
  • Lord of the Rings:Online - Edge
  • Look For Group - Group scheduling and signup site
  • Middle Earth Headquarters - Dynamic map Defunct
  • A Map tool built on the Google Earth engine. POIs, Monsters, NPCs, and more! Defunct
  • TP Finder Looking for deeds that reward Turbine Points? This tool from mmorsel lists deeds by zone (or instance) including the TP per deed and a total for the zone.
  • Virtue Finder Looking for deeds that reward virtues? This tool from mmorsel lists virtue deeds by virtue, bonus, content pack or zone.
  • LotRO Google Map Map of LotRO terrain using Google API.


Kinship HostingEdit

  • GuildCafe offers hosting for kinships, as well as a system for recording your character information, gaming history, screenshots and favorite content.
  • GuildPortal provides hosting and a directory for guilds.


  • Lord of the Rings Fonts
  • The Encyclopedia of Arda
  • Gorgeous Gamers - Warning! This may not be safe for work.
  • Weathertop Radio - Podcasting news, updates, and general information
  • Lord Of The Rings Online - Faces - Faces of the Players for LoTRO
  • mmorsel LOTRO Guides - mmorsel LOTRO Guides is a free resource featuring current, high-quality LOTRO guides for getting started, leveling, making gold, improving your character, crafting and more good stuff - written and reviewed by experienced players who really know and love the game.
  • - Free videos, guides, maps, walkthroughs, and tips created by a LOTRO fanatic. Check out the leveling guide and auction house guide if you want to make progress through the game quickly.
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