Level: 05

Location:Thorin's Gate

Start: Mathi Stouthand

Bestowal Dialogue:
'You Elves know about aurochs, yes? One of them is a brute of a particular and foul disposition, a beast the Longbeards call Frostmane.

'We can't get close to the creature without it attacking us it's grown too dangerous to leave alone. I fear that someone's bound to get trampled, gored or worse! What say you hunt the beast down and kill it for us? Return with one of its horns and I'll see to it that you're rewarded.

'You'll find it wandering to the west of here, by the obelisk. Be on your guard, friend. Frostmane doesn't like us dwarves. I reckon he'll like your kind even less.'

Frostmantle roams the area by the old obelisk in hills west of Frerin's Court.

Slay the aurochs called "Frostmantle" and bring back one of its horns to Mathi Stouthand as proof of your victory.

Frostmantle is a great aurochs-bull that dwells in Thorin's Gate. The beast is surly and ill-tempered, charging any dwarf that dares cross its path.


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Frostmantle roams in this area