Level: 06

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
'By this time of the year, most of the grapes have been picked and the wine already bottled. This was a very generous season, however, and many of the vines are still laden with grapes. I would welcome your assistance. Wine-making is not easy work, but performing this task will certainly add to your appreciation of the wine you drink.

'Traverse the road north from Celondim towards Duillond and turn onto the path that follows the tributary stream west, just across the bridge. Limael's vineyard is in a small valley there.

'Pick the remaining grapes from the vines that grow around the lake and bring them to me, and I shall instruct you on the intricacies of wine-making.'

Brethilwen, the Master-vintner of Celondim, believes there are enough grapes left on the vine for one last cask of wine.

1. Limael's vineyard is across the stream, north-west of Celondim. The vines grow around a lake in a sheltered valley.

Brethilwen has asked you to pick the remaining grapes from Limael's vineyard.

2. Brethilwen is in Celondim, south-east of Limael's vineyard.

You should return to Brethilwen with your harvest.


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