Level: 10

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
'You've done good, (player), but there's a whole wide world out there for you to explore. And if you want to start somewhere, Bree-town is as good as any place to start.

'Go east, until the Blue Mountains are far behind. It's a long journey so be sure to pack plenty of supplies. The Shire-folk may be able to offer you assistance on your travels.

'When you arrive in Bree, be sure and seek out the Mayor of the town. If there's work to be found, he'll know where to find it.'

The time has come for you to venture beyond the mountains of Gondamon to find your fortune in the town of Bree.

Travel east from the Blue Mountains to the land called the Shire, then continue east along the road until you reach Bree-town.

Áskell suggested that you venture out of the Blue Mountains and see the world. Travel to Bree and speak to its Mayor once you arrive.

You can either run this one directly, or head up to Thorin's Gate and take the swift travel option to West Bree for 1s.

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Data Entered By: Stip


The mayor is in the town hall