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The Guardian is the sturdy defensive warrior, able to taunt monsters into attacking them over their more vulnerable team mates. A Guardian's more advanced skills are based off of response events, specifically Block and Parry. For instance, when a Guardian blocks an enemy blow, a shield swipe can be played during a small window of opportunity. Such skills, and the skills that chain off of them, are what makes the Guardian so effective. Parry skills tend to do higher damage, while Block skills are better for defence.

Guardians are the games main tanks. With their heavy armor, heavy shields, and large amounts of morale (5 points of morale to each vit point; all other classes except the warden get 3), Guardians are the most survivable class. They also have a plethora of taunts and other aggression skills to make sure the opponent stays attacking them.

While Guards usually tank, in Overpower stance they can use 2-handed swords to do dps.

Guards can use heavy shields, heavy armor, and one and two handed melee weapons. They can also use bows.


Riders of RohanEdit

Guardian icon
Focuses on melee damage, self-sustenance, controlling the battlefield, and threatening/distracting enemies.
  • Rohan's Edge: Though not a powerful attack, a critical strike can cause your next attack to greatly inspire you and your nearby fellowship members. Deals low damage to a target.
  • Rohirrim: Your next attack will instantly restore a small amount of morale to you, your fellowship members and war-steeds.
  • Riddermark: Your next attack will instantly restore a small amount of power to you, your fellowship members and war-steeds.
  • Red Dawn: Your next attack will instantly increase the damage dealt by you, your fellowship members and war-steeds.
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