Hobbits are one of four races available to play in The Lord of the Rings Online. They can be male or female and will begin in Little Delving, The Shire.

Hobbits are a simple, quiet folk, preferring to dwell in hillside holes in and around the land known as The Shire. They are resourceful and hard-working when times need be, having apt hands at farming and other agricultural activities. But when not working they prefer to laze around and enjoy the fruits of their labour. They are usually merry, having curly hair and are robust with relatively large bellies. Hobbits are also inches smaller than dwarfs but not stout or stocky.

Race ModifiersEdit

When you choose this race, you will get certain stats increased, and others decreased. Hobbits race modifiers are:

  • Increased Vitality
  • Increased resistance to Fear and Corruption
  • Decreased Might


Only certain classes are available for certain races. Hobbits have five selectable classes:


When you create your character, you have to pick where your character originated. Hobbits have three places to select from:

These sub-races of Hobbits are derived from the original LOTR novels.

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