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The Hunter is a ranged combatant, with powerful damaging abilities at range, that are very limited in close combat. The hunter also has wilderness skills such as traps and tracking. Special traps can be purchased or made by crafters. Due to their ability to use traps Hunters are excellent at soloing against a single target, even if higher level than them. However because their main damage dealing abilities are highly interruptible, Hunters have difficulty dealing with large groups of opponents even of slightly lower levels. Hunters inventory is not cluttered with arrows, due to the usual inventory hassle. Hunters may choose to carry particular consumables for special shots (flame arrows, for example). The Hunter can gather focus from a number of skills that range from toggle skills (refills focus slowly), to out-of-combat skills (no-very little cooldown), and in-combat skills (cooldown is usually a few minutes). The Hunter and the Champion share the titles of main damage dealers.

Hunters are favored in many mmorpgs, for their abliity to attack from afar and up close, allowing them to inflict damage before foes get close damage on them.


Riders of RohanEdit

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Focuses heavily on ranged damage, a very small amount of melee damage, controlling the enemy, and self-sustenance.
  • Noble Arrow: You unleash a noble arrow at your target. The arrow seeks its target with a critical intent. Deals good damage to the target and on critical:
  • Rohirrim: restores health and power to the hunter and their war-steed.
  • Riddermark: reduces the armor rating of the target and their war-steed.
  • Red Dawn: applies a bleed to the target and their war-steed.
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