Jon Brackenbrook

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Quickly! Eogan is making his move against Archet. We must go to the town's defence at once! Return to me when you are prepared.'

Your efforts at the Blackwolds' Roost were too late in coming. The Blackwolds are marching upon Archet.

Aid in the defence of Archet and learn the fate of Mundo Sackville-baggins, Celandine Brandybuck, Amdir, and Captain Brackenbrook.

Objective 1
Talk to Jon Brackenbrook
Jon Brackenbrook is at the Hunter's Lodge, east of Archet.

Jon Brackenbrook is waiting for you to join his company.

Instance: The Assault on Archet

Objective 1
Save Archet from the Blackwolds
The breach in Archet's east wall is due west of the Hunter's Lodge.

You must prevent the Blackwolds from recapturing Mundo.

Objective 2
Talk to Jailor Ned Pruner
Ned Pruner is grievously wounded and requires assistance.

Objective 3
Talk to Amdir
Make your way further into Archet and find Amdir.

After you defeated the prisoners, Ned Pruner told you that Eogan was looking for the hobbit, Mundo Sackville-Baggins. He also told you that Amdir could be found somewhere ahead and that you should aid him in the defence of the Mad Badger Inn. After Ned died, his wife Peg came to attend to his body.

Objective 4
Draw water from the well
There is a well in the square.

Amdir was able to escape from the town square before the flames blocked the way. He has asked for your help in drawing water to douse the flames so that you may return to the defence of the Mad Badger Inn.

Objective 5
Douse the flames
Follow Amdir
With the flames doused, the way to Eogan and the rest of the Blackwolds is clear.

Objective 6
Defeat Eogan and the Blackwolds
Protect Archet by defeating the Blackwolds and their leader, Eogan.

Amdir was rendered powerless by the morgul-wound he suffered from the Nazgul, and now it is up to you to save Archet from the Blackwolds.

Objective 7
Talk to Mundo
With Eogan defeated, you should speak to Mundo, who seems the most shaken of the hobbits.

Objective 8
Speak to Celandine
Celandine Brandybuck is in the town square.

It appears Eogan was only wounded, and upon hearing Mundo's words, realised that Mundo was not the Baggins he sought. He made his escape, saying that Amdir may prove a great boon to his cause. With Archet apparently safe from the Blackwolds, you should speak to Celandine and see to her and Mundo's safety.

Objective 2
Speak with Jon Brackenbrook in Archet
Jon Brackenbrook wishes to speak with you.

After the assault on Archet, Jon Brackenbrook returned to the town to assist and rebuild, taking up his father's legacy.'

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