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The Lore-master is considered to be the party's main buffer/de-buffer and the best crowd controller in game. With his knowledge of nature and lore he can befriend animals amongst which include ravens (useful for distracting, and can make a ranged foe switch to melee), bears and eventually an eagle (with a legendary trait). The Lore-master can use his mastery of ancient lore to weaken his foes before dispatching them. He knows the ancient names and sings the ancient songs. The Lore-Master has a one heal known as "Beacon of Hope" which can heal another player a decent amount. He can also use "Share the Power" to transfer some of his power to another player. The Lore-Master is considered to be the most "wizard" like class in LOTRO.

In group play, Lore-masters can either do dps or be a support class with their buffs/defuffs.

Lore-masters wear light armor and use staves, and past level 40, can also duel weild with a sword as well as a stave.


Riders of RohanEdit

Loremaster icon
Focuses heavily on ranged damage, a very small amount on melee damage, strengthening and healing allies, weakening enemies, and controlling the enemy.
  • Enduring Embers: Using your knowledge of fire and all that burns, you heave handfuls of embers at your target. They burn hotter and longer and increase with each application. Deals a minor amount of damage initially and increases damage over the duration of the effect.

Can stack up to 3 times.

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