Level: 05

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Michel Delving

Start: Alf Goodcliff in Little Delving

Bestowal Dialogue:
Have you already been to the Michel Delving Craft-fair? You should definitely go, if you haven't already! There's a workbench, a forge, and even an oven just waiting to be used!

'If you think you have crafting in your heart, you should visit my friend Emerald Borings at the Craft-fair -- she's always happy to help someone get started making useful and pretty things.

'Pass east through Little Delving, and then follow the path south into Michel Delving. Take the south-west path from the statue of Marcho and Blanco in the town centre, and pass the stables on your right. Take the next left turn to reach the Craft Fair. Emerald will be happy to help you out!

Alf Goodcliff thinks you could be a craftsman of some skill and suggested you visit his friend Emerald Borings at the Craft-fair on the south side of Michel Delving.

Emerald Borings is at the Michel Delving Craft-fair, south-west of the statue in the town centre, past the stables, and along the first leftward turning.

Alf Goodcliff suggested you speak with his friend Emerald Borings if you are interested in pursuing a crafting vocation.


You may want to decide whether you want to become a crafter and what Profession or Vocation you are interested in before talking to Emerald Borings as she is the Shire Mistress of Apprentices

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