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The Minstrel, although initially thought to be solely a healing character, can solo very well due to their damaging shouts and support skills (the main being healing.) Minstrels have beneficial songs to buff group members and harmful songs which debuff foes. They can sing ballads which unlock higher level songs if done in sequence during battle. The Minstrel can play the widest variety of musical instruments, and can also "revive" a fallen fellow.

In groups. the Minstrel, commonly called "mini", is the main healer. Minstrels are the best group healers in LOTRO and this is their primary function in groups. Minstrels can also do a decent amount of dps when traited for it but are usually called to heal.


Riders of RohanEdit

Minstrel icon
Focuses heavily on ranged damage, a small amount on melee damage, and healing and buffing allies.
  • Call of the Eorlingas: The Eorlingas can use the power of voice to calm allies and war-steeds or bring great harm and ruin to their enemies. You have learned to channel your voice in much the same manner.
  • Rohirrim: Heals a targeted rider and their steed for a good amount of morale.
  • Riddermark: Heals the minstrel and their steed for a small amount of morale and heals friendly players and war-steeds within 30m of the minstrel for a fair amount.
  • Red Dawn: deals damage to up to three targets in a 30m radius.
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