Bestowal Dialogue:
'I'm sorry, my mind is miles away. I didn't see you there. Did you help fight off the brigands? My dad did, he...he....' Gail chokes back a sob.

'During the Blackwolds' raid on Archet, someone broke into our house and stole many of our things. I don't care about most of them, but they took my dad's favourite fishing pole! I don't care if I get anything else back, but he wouldn't have wanted some filthy brigand to have it.

'Now that I've moved here to Combe, I've been meaning to ask Constable Wren if she could track down that fishing pole for me. Could you ask her if she has any idea where it might have been taken? She'll be at the guard-house on the hill east of Combe.'

Gail Catchpole's father perished in the flames of The Mad Badger Inn, and many of their belongings were stolen by the Blackwold brigands.

1. Constable Wren can be found at the guard-house on the hill east of Combe.

Gail wants to find the brigands who stole her dead father's favourite fishing pole and retrieve it. She has sent you to ask Constable Wren for information about the brigands and where they might have taken her stolen goods.

2. The main encampment of the Blackwolds is in the Chetwood, north of the guard-house.

Constable Wren suggested that the brigand who looted the fishing pole belonging to Gail Catchpole's dead father may be near the watering hole beneath the Blackwold main encampment.

I found the fishing pole on a named NPC that travels the road near the main encampment. NAME_NEEDED

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