Level: 06

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
'While most of the work has now been done, Stip, there is one more obstacle to be faced. If we do not store this wine in a seasoned cask soon, it will be ruined and not fit for anyone, but we have already used up our stock.

'There is a cooper, Bregedúr, here in Celondim who supplies us our casks. Would you be willing to ask him for another?

'You can find Bregedúr at the Craftsman's Plaza in Duillond. Follow the path up the hill until you reach Duillond, then turn down the southwest path. Bregedúr should be nearby.'

You harvested the grapes and crushed them, but now Brethilwen needs a wooden cask in which to properly store the wine.

1. Bregedúr can be found at the Craftsman's Plaza in Celondim. Follow the path to the north, then turn down the southwestern path once you reach the branch.

Brethilen has asked you to acquire a wooden cask from Bregedúr, the local cooper at Celondim.

2. The wood-yard is in a grove southwest of Celondim.

The cooper, Bregedúr, has asked you to collect pieces of wood that he can use to make more barrels.

3. Bregedúr is at the Craftsman's Plaza in Celondim, northeast of the wood-yard.

Bregedúr, the cooper of Celondim, is seeking pieces of wood suitable for making casks.


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Need of a cask