Level: 07

Difficulty: Solo


Start:Watcher Reedy

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Everyone is talking about the goblins these days, but I'm worried about something other than the goblins. The sound of the Neekers in the Midgewater Marshes has gotten much louder recently. There are many more of them than there used to be, I'm sure of it! I'm afraid before long they will move out of the Marshes and descend upon the town!

'If you could kill a few of them, you would be doing this town a great service. The Midgewater Marshes are east of Staddle, beyond Swatmidge's farm.

'It would certainly put my mind at ease if this one danger was subdued before it gets out of hand.'

Though always on the watch for the goblins, Watcher Reedy believes the creatures of the Midgewater Marshes, east of Staddle, are no less of a threat to the town.

1. The Midgewater Marshes lie to the east of Staddle, beyond Swatmidge's farm.

Watcher Reedy is worried that the growing Neekerbreeker population in the north of the Midgewater Marshes poses a threat to Staddle that is being overlooked by the watchers because of the goblin troubles.

2. Watcher Reedy loiters in Staddle, near town centre.

Watcher Reedy will be pleased to learn that you have succeeded in thinning the numbers of the Neekers in the Marshes.


Grab The_Errant_Coinpurse from Lolo Wendingway just down the road, too. You can accomplish both on the same creatures.

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