The Provisioner sells various items.


Zone Town Name
Bree-land Bree Bert Appledore Crafting Hall
North Downs Esteldin Tuluvadan
North Downs Esteldin Hithlim
North Downs Othrikar Trader
North Downs Mincham's Camp Colbert the Mad
North Downs Trestlebridge Adelin Swiftrunner
Trollshaws Thorenhad Fathrem
The Shire Michel Delving Bowman Whitfoot


Item Cost Used By
Dry Rations 48c Food
Flask of Conhuith 6s 52c
Flask of Lhinestad 6s 52c
Hard Rations 1s 12c Food
Healing Draught 5s 00c
Healing Salve 5s 00c
Kindling Material 1s 60c Woodworker
Milkthistle Draught 6s 00c
Milkthistle Salve 6s 00c
Rich Rations 1s 60c Food
Salve of Conhuith 6s 52c
Salve of Lhinestad 6s 52c
Simple Rations 4c Food
Tasty Rations 2s 20c Food
Travelling Rations 2s 00c Hunter
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