Level: 09

Difficulty: Solo


Start:Maida Woodwright

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Pardon me, do you think I could take up some o' your time? I haven't had any word o' me son Covell since this brigand nonsense began, and I'm afeared something might have happened to him!

'We lived in Archet till recently, but we had an argument -- I'm sure ye know how boys are -- and Covell left all in a huff. He said he would make his own way, down in Combe, and that's the last I heard o' him. Now that I've come to Combe, I hear he's gone east!

'If ye don't mind, could ye talk to Constable Wren for me? She watches the road east out o' Combe, and maybe she's seen Covell pass.'

Maida Woodwright had an argument with her son Covell, and she has not seen him since. The Blackwold activity in the area has made her nervous, and she is seeking news of him.

1. Constable Wren is at the guard-house, east of Combe.

Maida Woodwright has asked that you speak with Constable Wren regarding the whereabouts of her son, Covell.

2. Covell may be found at one of the Blackwold camps north and east of the Combe lumber camp.

Maida Woodwright sent you to speak with Constable Wren, who suggested that Covell joined the Blackwolds and would likely be found near one of their camps in the Chetwood.

3. Constable Wren patrols near the guard-house on the hill south of the lumber camp and east of Combe.

You discovered Covell Woodwright on the path leading through the Chetwood, and he attacked you. Though you defeated him, he escaped deeper into the woods. Constable Wren will want to hear of your encounter with the brigand.

4. Maida Woodwright is back in Combe.

Maida Woodwright must be told that her son Covell has joined the Blackwold brigands.


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Covell Woodwright