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Rise of Isengard is the third expansion pack for The Lord of the Rings Online game. This expansion take the player to Isengard, Saruman's base of operations as he create his Uruk-Hai army to lay siege to Rohan.

New Features:Edit

Three New Regions:Edit

Dunland: Home of the Dunlanders, Dunland is located between Enedwaith and the Misty Mountains.

Gap of Rohan: The Gap of Rohan is located between the Misty Mountains. It is the easiest way into Rohan from the west. Isengard is also located in the Northern part of this region.

Isengard: Isengard once was a lush place of gradens and trees, which had been cultivated by Saruman, until he was corrupted by Sauron. Now Isengard is a place of flame and foul macinery. There are also massive pits and canyons in Isengard which have been dug by Saurman's Uruk-Hai army.

Advance to Level 75:Edit

With the Rise of Isengard expansion the Player can now level up to the Level of 75. The Epic Storyline is also continued further.

Higher Crafting:Edit

All crafting can now be Leveled to Westfold Rank. New Westfold recipies have been added

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