Rivendell is a location in Lord of the Rings Online and the sanctuary Home of the famed Elrond which is nestled in the mountainous region at the foot of the misty Mountains. The elven forces that protect the region keep the lands safe from orcs that wish to do harm to travelers. The way into this land are protected and up till recently the very existence of it was safeguarded from all who were not of Elves. The knowledge found in Elrond's famed libraries compile manuscripts dating all the way back to the first age. The accumulated knowledge of the Elven scholars present in Rivendell puts to shame even the brightest of the scholars of man.

Rivendell's location makes it perfect for defensive capabilities as it rests between two natural barriers, the mountainious chain known as the misty mountains which are guarded by both Elves and Dwarves. As well as the great river which is always under the watchful eye of elven sentries who stand guard and are ready to relay troop movement to and fro from the main house in Rivendell.

The areas leading up to the main estate and defenses are full of creatures ranging from deer and fawns to drakes from the mountains. some of the beasts are friendly as long as they are not provoked while some will go out of their way to do harm. The trollshaws are, as the name suggests, home to mountain trolls that come down from the mountains at night to hunt down any that would dare to travel out side.

All of these barriers together work to keep Rivendell's location a secret from those who wish to do harm to the elven people.


Quests involving Rivendell Edit

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NPC's at Rivendell Edit

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