Level: 38

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
'Listen well, Messenger: Elendil never returned from the wars to which he marched in the South, but the Silithar came by various keepers to Valandil his heir, who placed it in the deepest chamber of the tomb. I wished often that the body of Elendil might be brought to rest in Annúminas, but it was not to be.

'When the Dúnedain abandoned the city, Amlaith spoke to me as the kings were wont to do: "Gwindeth," he asked, "Long have you aided the line of kings descended unbroken from noble Elendil. Your counsel is true, and the respect we bear for you unquenchable. I fear that Arnor cannot stand divided. There are too few of us left to hold Annúminas; we will move the people to Fornost, in the east, and I hope we can survive the dangerous days that lie before us. It is said that you have the gift of foresight. I beseech you, Gwindeth, to give me an answer: will Arnor survive the days ahead?"

'I will tell you the rest of the tale if you are able to satisfy my final demand, the demand that Aragorn could not. I ask you to give me that which I value most. If you cannot, the Silithar will remain forever out of your reach and out of the reach of Aragorn son of Arathorn. Give me that which I value most, Messenger, and I will tell you what I beheld for Arnor and the line of kings.'

Gwindeth has presented you with her final task: she wants you to give her what she desires more than all else.

1. The Blue Lady is at Gwindethrond, behind the waterfall at Rushingdale in western Emyn Uial.

Gwindeth has given you her final task, the task that Aragorn was unable to complete seventy years before: to give her that which she values most.

2. The Blue Lady is at Gwindethrond, behind the waterfall at Rushingdale in western Emyn Uial, in Evendim.

You have given Gwindeth that which she desires most, and that which the kings of Arnor gave to her -- respect. She is waiting to speak with you.

3. Calenglad is at the Ranger-camp on the island of Tinnudir, east and slightly north of Rushingdale, in Evendim.

Gwindeth has agreed to allow you access to the tomb of Elendil, where you can recover the Silithar for Aragorn.

/bow to her.


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