Level: 07

Difficulty: Solo


Start:Lolo Wendingway

Bestowal Dialogue:
'While I was trying to sell some of my wares to the farms east of Staddle, a Neekerbreeker got into my waggon here and made off with my pack! I expect it probably dragged it out to the Midgewater Marshes to eat my lunch.

'The problem is that my coinpurse was in that pack, which means I can't buy pipe-weed to trade to Burl. Worse, if I don't get it back within the next half an hour, I am sure to miss out on the good prices of pipe-weed down in Staddle!

'You've got to find the Neekerbreeker that stole my pack and bring it back to me in the next thirty minutes, (player)!'

Lolo wants to resume Burl Beeman's profitable trade between Combe and Staddle, but a Neekerbreeker ran off with his pack and the coinpurse therein.

The Midgewater Marshes are east of Staddle. Lolo Wendingway is on the road between Combe and Staddle.

The Neekerbreeker that made off with Lolo Wendingway's pack dragged it into the Midgewater Marshes. You need to bring Lolo's pack back to him within a half an hour; otherwise, he will miss the good prices on Staddle pipe-weed.

You'll find the pack on a random Neekerbreeker in the Midgewater Marsh. It took me about 10 kills.

Couple this with Neekers_In_The_Marshes. Same creatures. And the NPC is about 30 seconds away in Staddle.

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