Level: 40

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Tinnudir, Evendim

Start: Calenglad

Bestowal Dialogue:
'By reclaiming the last of the Silithair, you have done what Aragorn sent you here to do, Stip, and along the way you made yourself a great help to all of us that live along the shores of Lake Nenuial. I am sorry to see you go.

'But go you must, for Narsil is to be reforged! Return at once to Rivendell, far to the east, and deliver the silithar to Aragorn! The time has come at last for the blade that was broken to be remade!'

You have recovered the last of the Silithair, shining adamants crafted by Elves of the house of Fëanor in days of old. It must be used to reforge the blade that was broken.

Aragorn is in the House of Elrond, in Rivendell, far to the east of Evendim.

Calenglad has given you the Silithar to bring to Aragorn. Its light will be used to remake the blade that was broken.



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