Level: 36

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Rivendell


Bestowal Dialogue:
'While you were gone, Lindir told me he has come up with something interesting for our game. Apparently, he found a new riddle on the back of some old parchment out of Gondor.'

Lindir has found a new riddle for you to solve. Again, he is sure the answer can be found somewhere in Imladris.

1. Lindir is with Bilbo in the Hall of Fire at Rivendell.

Lindir has a new riddle to offer.

2. Find the answer to Lindir's riddle somewhere in Imladris.

Breath is needed
Warning heeded
Some will arrive
With sword and knife
My work is completed
'Til once more I'm needed.

3. Lindir is with Bilbo in the Hall of Fire at Rivendell.

Boromir has given you a token that provides the answer to Lindir's Gondorian riddle.



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Lindir's Gauntlets OR 3 Refined Essence Of Athelas


You will find Boromir wandering near the guardian trainer.