Difficulty: Duo


Bestowal Dialogue:
'If wights roam the barrows of Haudh Lin, then I fear a shadow has returned to Angmar, for never before have such creatures been seen in these lands. This bodes ill for Eriador and perhaps for all of Middle-earth, for eyes which should be turned south, may turn north instead and be blinded to the larger threat.

'As it ever is with evil, no doubt a greater will drives the lesser amidst the barrows. It is that greater will which must be destroyed. Only thus will Angmar's designs for Ered Luin be hindered. The stone Gailthin gave you is possessed of such a virtue that evil cannot bear its presence.

'Take the Elf-stone into the barrows and place it upon the largest standing stone. It is a white stone near a ruined building. That greater will of which I spoke may be drawn forth, and you must confront it.'

Barrow-wights roam the ancient Edain mounds in the eastern reaches of Haudh Lin, heralding the coming of a great evil to Ered Luin.

1. The white standing stone is in the old Edain mounds north-east of Glamir's home, near the ruins of an old building.

Glamir told you to take the elf-stone to the Edain mounds and place it upon the largest standing stone. He believes the creature whose will governs the wights of Haudh Lin may be drawn into the open by its presence.

2. Glamir is at his home, south-west of the ancient Edain mounds.

As Glamir foretold, the elf-stone drew forth the Master of Wights. You should return to Glamir with news of your victory over the creature.

3. Gailthin is at Gondamon, west of Glamir's home.

You should return the elf-stone to Gailthin and tell her the tale of your deeds.

The Standing Stone is due west of the main Wight House/Ruin.

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Gailthin's Feathered Hat OR Bregnam

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Standing Stone