Bestowal Dialogue:
'Stranger, please tarry and hear my plea! My brother Gellir Goldentongue was a great warrior. Curse my treacherous tongue! I should say he is a great warrior, but I fear for his life!

'Though he is a doughty fighter, Gellir longs for peace. Even against the advice of our elders in Thorin's Hall, he felt that there must be a way to come to some sort of understanding with the Dourhands, so he and some companions set out for the great Dourhand encampment north of Gondamon. I think he went to the westernmost of the camps, the larger one.

'He did not return from his mission. Please seek him out, and if he is slain, return to me with the news so we may seek our revenge on his murderers. You will know my brother easily by his gleaming shield, a great heirloom of our family.'

Gellir Goldentongue led a delegation to make peace with the Dourhands, but has not been heard from since leaving Gondamon.

1. Gellir went to the westernmost of the two Dourhand encampments north of Gondamon.

Áskell has asked you to look for his brother, Gellir Goldentongue. He fears that Gellir has been treacherously slain and seeks any word of his passing. Gellir carried his gleaming shield everywhere, a famous heirloom of their family.

2. It is clear thet Gellir and his party were slain. Recover Gellir's shield and return it to Áskell in Gondamon.


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The Sundered Shield is located on some gravestones before you enter the main encampment