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  • In North America, players who pre-ordered the game were granted access to the Open Beta on March 30th, while others had to wait until April 6th. Those who pre-ordered before the official launch on April 24th were also offered a special founding member offer (lifetime subscription for $199 USD or reduced cost of $9.99 USD per month), and received two special in-game items (a cloak of regeneration and ring of agility). Those who purchased the game after the release pay a standard $14.99 per month charge (three, six and twelve month discounts are available for all members, founder or not). European players had a similar though slightly different program from Codemasters.
  • A Special Edition of the game was made available which included a full color manual, an exclusive item called "Glass of Aglarel" (when activated it gives the bearer a +1 to their Hope for 5 minutes with a 2-hour cool down). A "Making of" DVD, a soundtrack featuring all of the tunes and melodies from throughout Middle-earth, and a free 10 day buddy key were also included in the Special Edition, which was priced at an additional $10 more than the regular edition.
  • The June issue of PC Gamer magazing includes with an activation code to get two special in-game items for all of one's characters: a bauble and a cloak.
  • During Beta testing Scholars were required to use a crafting facility called a Study to craft their items. Not long before release, this facility was removed and scolars were able to craft where and whenever they wanted, if they had the required materials. But, there is still a Superior Study in-game which are most of the bookcases in Elrond's Study in Rivendell.
  • The Bree and Esteldin crafting areas were both previously located outside but due to lag issues they were both moved inside of a building.

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