Level: 06

Difficulty: Solo


Start: Cardavor

Bestowal Dialogue: 'I have heard that you are well-travelled...perhaps you have seen my son Avorthal upon the road? I received a message from him saying that he was coming from Duillond to visit, but he has not yet arrived. That is most unlike him.

'In his journeys here, he oft speaks with the travellers along the road and a friend of his, a dwarf named Athal, who watches the road and helps the few dwarf-travellers who come to Celondim. Perhaps Avorthal is speaking to him now and has simply forgotten the time. Would you seek him?

'Just follow the road north out of Celondim and look for my son. Or if you do not find him there, speak to Athal and see what news he may have of him.'

Cardavor, an Elf of Celondim, received a message from his son Avorthal saying that he was coming down from Duillond to visit; however, Avorthal is late, and Cardavor is concerned.

1. The dwarf, Athal, who Avornthal may have paused in his travels to speak to patrols the road north of Celondim.

Cardavor hopes that his son was only delayed by a visit to his dwarf-friend Athal along the road leading from Duillond to Celondim. He has asked you to journey north and east to find him.

2. Cardavor is by the docks in Celondim, south of Athal's patrol.

You spoke with Avorthal's dwarf-friend Athal, but he had little to tell you, except that he had not seen Avorthal in days. You should return to Cardavor with this news.

Walkthrough: Athal wanders near bridge at 26.8S, 93.3W

Related Quests: Elf - Epic - Prologue

Reward: 289 XP - 42c

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