Level: 07

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
'If Bregar wishes to evoke memories of the past to sway my decision, then I will respond in kind.

'There is a burial mound within the ruins of Dol Ringwest to the west of Duillond. On the cairn you will find a broken sword. Bring the sword to Bregar...but treat it with reverence and do not disturb the area around it.

'The time has come for us to pass into the West. The Age of Man has come, and Middle-earth is no longer home to us.'

Toronn desires to leave Middle-earth, while Bregar, his brother, believes they should remain. Bregar had you bring a leaf from a tree he and Toronn grown from a seed brought from their home of old. Toronn has decided to answer in kind, evoking memories of the past.

1. The broken sword is in the ruins of Dol Ringwest which lie west of Duillond. Return it to Bregar in Duillond.

Toronn has asked you to search the ruins of Dol Ringwest for stone cairn and the broken sword it holds. When you find it, bring the sword to his brother Bregar.

2. Bregar waits for you in Duillond, east of the ruins of Dol Ringwest.

You recovered a broken sword from a burial cairn in the Elf ruins of Dol Ringwest.


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